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Need free creative solutions made by professional human and AI combination or any other service from this site ? results would be same as above picture, those are exists but not successful. If productis free you are the product.

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What line art designed by Malintha Peiris

I Will design simplified line arts. You are don't need a title. you can read visuals

Elon Musk Send to the moon

Those are my meme designs, Elon Musk Poster design with Kim Jong un T-Shirt mockup and one of Elon and doge, Finaly Ship stuckers design for evergreen

Line art designs by Malintha

Designs that speak power of lines and shapes

Anti smoking Floating Killer modern digital image Manipilution Design by Malintha Peiris

Very complex Anti-smoking Image Manipulation Design by Malintha Peiris called "Floating Killer" turning modern simplified designs back to 19th 20th century. I believe with this design smoking is circular negative impact to the society.

Lion Polyarts By Malintha Peiris

This Poly art designed using Over 99% Trangles and one rectangle, even for rounded shapes such as eyes complicated hard planning poly art without overlapping lines, also this followed contrast of color psychology for different sections attraction, hierarchy, color separation by Malintha Peiris

Typography based design of Freddie Mercury

Typography based portrait design of Freddie Mercury done by Malintha Peiris as fan art.

Sihini teledrama poster design

Local teledrama/ TV series Sihini teledrama fan art cover poster design by Malintha Peiris for a class assignment


Visual Storytelling Design by Malintha Peiris Evolution of Typography summarized 83 pages of knowledge into single page. In this evolution of typography poster contains Pictograph era to modern typography.

covid-19 pandemic moodboards

Corona covid pandemic moodboards design by Malintha Peiris

Malintha peiris photography

That was my photomontage collection for a random person, using a very old semiprofessional camera called Samsung WB-200f. Honestly, I didn’t expect much quality output with fixed flash and fixed lance. But any device capable to at least minimal specifications, Proformance can be expect much quality output with or without reasonable effort. If camera is too old school have to play with maximum settings way more accurately. Unlike some kind of smooth way with a pro camera. More old school harder! but professional dude can win the game. First thing first I’m not a professional photographer

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