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By Malintha Peiris

Post war after Vision Pro and future of display techs

Vision Pro meme for post Vision Pro era

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Rising of mixed reality personal entertainment how impact on human and the society

Since the early stages of on-stage storytelling humans would like to have realistic expression. That is another level of taste for fulfill entertainment of enchanter for mind and physical body. That is why innovations never stopped after inventing a very early-stage display. Humans will never fulfill until current display technology surpasses the live tingle tickling feeling of on-stage.

With rising of competitors such as Meta Quest Pro armored with mixed reality combinations way beyond than the traditional Virtual Reality (VR) makes spontaneous appear of Vision Pro. The variety of technology is new, no clinical trials of biological and technical. That is why proof Apple act role of last-minute submission student. Over million years humans are used to same biological rhythm and patterns such as collect data from sense organs, mental, physical and social skills. But for the past few hundred years biology has been facing nonstop pain test due to the name of industrialization.

Such a level of highly advanced premature born screening techs has greater risk of ability to manipulate, disorder and insentient human biological functions and soft skills.

Brands love to undercover some blistering blasts as groundbreaking innovations regarding or not the innovation is makes positive sense to the whole world. Such level of cracklings makes conquering path to keep loyal customers superglued, new customers will jailbreak from other branding hostages, discount costumer will be foolish as donkeys for new breakfast by thinking a divine food, impulse customers would wake up the dopy kid in the mind says, wow!, Need-based customers try the weed candy, Novelty-seekers imagine Cook will trim the nail.

Not only just regarding for screening technology must implement higher minimal age than current minimum eligibility of 13 years of age barrier for sign up for online services, including cloud IDs. As Gen X and millennial parents, we can say goodbye to Gen Alpha known as iPad kids and newbie parents of Gen Z.

While living in the post Vision Pro era is not a single acronym for new screen technological transformation is not like a less harmful past evolution of mobile screening. That is way beyond than you and I imagine, in combination of high-performance desktop computer grade hardware for a face embedded mobile device, multi-tasking with mixed reality operating systems and bittersweet of artificial intelligence.

Modern cloud connected devices are not alone! Once the device is connected to the manufacturer’s cloud account, those are hyper powerful with advanced infrastructures. Means more than your stupid smart phone brand can track, analyze user’s biometric data and every step you take.

Every step you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you. - Big Cooperations

Quantum computers are still in their early stages, but in combination with artificial intelligence still unpredictable future with massive hardware boost on devices and human lifestyle.

Getting advance of consumer electronics and their primary design architectures including silicon semiconductors or rapid developments substitutes and discoveries of new materials such as Cubic boron arsenide, Hafnium Diselenide and Zirconium Diselenide, Carbon nanotubes make much revolutionize hopes like excellent thermal conductivity, very thin and flexible. Those have mixed extraordinary properties like electrical, thermal, and mechanical by major category wise can deliver shocking results within few decades.

However, rising of mixed reality brand competition indicates some short-term benefits, new business opportunities of Metaverse concepts, immersive experience we were never planned in near future comes as a light version makes help to explore, create and learn by new ways.

Real-time interaction and natural gesture properties of spatial computing still long away from Vision Pro or any sibling technologies, simply all rush specially made against competitors in same bathtub kids. Before critiquing this brand play, it is better to approach famous questionary for solve trouble or find better productive answers.

Define the target audience, what does the problem try to solve, how to solve and what is the product? If you try to apply this small problem-solving technique, first define what the consumer needs before clarifying wants. What are the needs, in a single sentence spatial computing. Moreover, limitless screens more than traditional physical monitors like an interactive holographic display for more than one person. Because that is more worth choice collaborate use for industrial use way beyond than mixed reality personal entertainment. 3D designers and advanced structural, engineering designers need more realistic view and interactive than 3D modeling in current 2D display.

Imagine a group of 3D designers involved in much complicated and accurate 3D engineering design.

Random alien gifted a virtual 3D display to these designers much more sophisticated than any other type of 3D or mixed reality technology currently exists on earth, that’s project like Hologram but with accurate dementias and axis in a 3D space. That is not a personal entertainment display, crystal clear, interactive up to multi users can work in same space, can zoom like a vector graphic with its own hardware engine. Designers are using revolutionized versions of software that can use multiple tools at once. In combination of all hardware and software sculpting like a clay ball in virtual world.

Above solution would fantastically approach for needs and wants.

Elon musk and collogue mars aliens can video call with exploratory astronauts like in a real-life presence. Meanwhile reptile Zucker burgers are freely ambulating in a random blue color Metaverse freely.

You and I are still in the stone era like The Flintstones imagine the modern world while living in the modern world. Don’t play with rocks until the consumer holds the true power of choice.

Conclusion, under one decade above imaginary solution never be another dream or like flooded fake futuristic smart phone mockups. At least it would be a non-portable or a Mac Studio size box.