Product Returns and policies

Last updated: 2022-08-13

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Return Policy for physical/tangible products currently not a product selling platform or a marketplace, but sell custom design-based products.

Section 01: - Product return policy means, if a buyer purchased physical/tangible product from under brand name and buyers may have concerns about product, delivery, packaging with poor conditions. Under such conditions buyers are have right to product replacements.

Section 02: - Refund policies are completely different from Return policy and may not apply with every dispute cases. Refund will work such conditions, If Comsumer already paid for product or service but not fulfill the order and unable to process. Simply for physical products consumer never received and for Design Jobs client not received under some conditions. For Design Job Terms and Conditions please check here.

Section 03: - only accept or not returns under below conditions,
  1. Product manufacturing defects that impact on product physical appearance, functioning, above minimal error rate than specified in product description for the design, dissatisfaction than the product description. ( will publish product hints sold under by average consumer reviews. Those review were made under research based not directly by consumer.

  2. Some clothing and products are only eligible for embroidery designs, embroidery designs must meet guidelines I will design them for minimal and powerful way. If buyer request more than the general guidelines buyer must take responsible for design errors. However, there are room for design with embroidery designs, in such cases buyers can compare physical appearance with product mockups I will send and with the product.

  3. If buyer provide wrong shipping addresses or PO box numbers no returns or refunds are accept. However, this process mostly manually functioning if buyer have minor mistakes of provided address must contact within 24hrs after shipping form submitted.

  4. If buyer need product cancelation, upgrade for higher value product or lower, must inform within 24hrs after design process started. Design process will begin according to Design Job Terms and Conditions please check here.

  5. If buyer not accept or refused the product delivery at Comsumer’s location no returns/refund accept.

  6. Does not accept return for hygiene or health related products but refunds will accept, wrong product delivery, not meet products quality, design errors more than description.

  7. For products damaged during the shipping buyers must contact within 7 calendar dates after product received with photographs clearly visible package before opened (All sides) and submit to before open the package and must wait for reply until further instructions. For better imprint date and time in photograph.

Section 04: - Product Return Process,
  1. For a product return buyer must receive the product within estimated delivery date or later.

  2. Must meet product return condition(s) in Section 03.

  3. Have to submit product return request from this page.

  4. For products damaged during the shipping must contact within 7 calendar dates after delivered. And must follow Section 03 and Section 03g.

  5. Shipped wrong items, Product manufacturing defects, design errors must contact within 7 calendar days after delivered.